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Consistent Quality
In Mushroom Ingredients
We Aim To Promote The Best Medicinal Mushroom To The World.
We hunger for the magical effects of mushrooms & herbs and we only believe that strict quality monitoring from the cultivation stage guarantees the quality and effectiveness of final products.
in dietary supplements industry of Mushroom & TCM Herbs.
certified for all medicinal mushrooms & most of the tonic herbs.
with medicinally-dense, source from their spiritual homeland.
GMP certified facilities with ISO Class-100,000 Cleanrooms.

Tight Vertical Integration

QinShanTang is the only major branded medicinal mushroom powder manufacturer in the world to own the entire supply chain from farming, and extraction to final mushroom supplements.


With 100+ specifications of medicinal mushroom powder and more than two decades of innovation, QinShanTang has successfully partnered with and provided market-leading ingredients and turnkey solutions to thousands of business customers across the globe every year.


QinShanTang is an industry and trade-oriented company with a proud history of providing the highest quality and service for over 20 years. We believe in the ancient wisdom of TCM and aim to promote DaoDi Medicinal Mushrooms and Tonic Herbs to the world.

From concept to market-ready, it is our everyday goal to go above and beyond your expectations by consistently providing high-quality products and services you can trust and depend upon.

Medicinal mushrooms from DaoDi regions

DaoDi refers to the district in which the herb is grown, and Di is more to do with the soil and land in which the herb is grown. This concept originates from the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is a unique comprehensive standard for distinguishing and controlling the quality of TCM herbs.

DaoDi herbs must be high-quality, medicinally dense herbs that have been grown in their natural habitat. This provides the herbs with the healing properties that allow them to be effective in fulfilling their purpose as medicinal herbs and tonics.

How we stay in full potential

We never

Use low quality additives
We never add starches, additives, fillers, colors, flavors, or synthetic additives to our powdered extracts. Our products are 100% organic and purity mushroom extracts.
We never compromise the quality and sustainability of our sourcing, ever. We are deeply grateful that natural, organic and sustainable product has become a conscious choice for more consumers. We are here to represent the herbs and growers and their health and happiness reflect our health.
Use cheap mycelium filler
Many companies bulk out their products with cheap mycelium-grain filler. Our mushrooms are using 100% fruiting body extracts.

We do

Keep it clean
We independently test every batch of our mushroom and herbs for heavy metals and pesticides (and more) and adhere to stringent organic standards to make sure our products are clean and safe to consume.
Comply with the nature
We source and grow in alignment with DaoDi principles, which means we use herbs that grow in the regions and manner in which nature intended. We honour each other, our customers and this planet we call home and aspire to act in accordance to nature's laws.
Stick to potency
We test the most well-researched medically active compound such as β-glucan for our mushroom extract in order to show the potency and to distinguish other products in the market which is using inferior raw materials.