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Ground Tremella Powder

Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Organic 100% Fruit Body
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder
Ground Tremella Powder

Produced by QIN SHAN TANG

Organic Certified Ingredient
100% Made of Mushroom Fruiting Body
Lab Tested for Key Active Compounds
Lab Tested for Heavy Metals & Pesticides
No Added Fillers, Starch, Grains or Mycelium
Produced in a FDA-registered GMP facility
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Tremella fuciformis, the white jelly mushroom was discovered in China. It is an important and popular medicinal and gourmet mushroom in Southeast Asia where it is best known by its Chinese name, (Yin Er) or silver ear.

According to Chinese history, the use of Tremella as a fountain of youth goes back to the Tang Dynasty (as far as  200  A.D). In ancient times, like many of the other revered medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and Cordyceps, Tremella was only reserved for royalty, ruling family members, or for rich people who could afford this highly valued superfood. And in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),  Chinese herbalists have used tremella mushrooms as a strong yin tonic, believing it would provide support for the lungs, brain, stomach, heart, and immune system.


Generally, our mushroom powder is made from dehydrated mushroom fruit bodies that are then ground up into a fine powder. It's really that simple.


Mushrooms are super low in calories, sodium, and fat, and are free from cholesterol, sugar, dairy, and gluten. They are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and other powerful immune-boosting compounds known as polysaccharides.

And all the ingredients in the mushroom, as well as the mushroom fibers, survive relatively unchanged, given that the drying process occurs at moderate temperatures (lower than 40°C). Since more ingredients of the mushroom survive when being processed this way, powders have a broader spectrum of activity that is not as useful when taken for the desire of a specific effect. They do however keep nearly all of their nutrients intact - this does make powders more useful for those seeking to take mushrooms for nutritional reasons, such as vegans wanting to ensure they get a good source of protein and B vitamins in their diet. 


√. Di Tao Origin - Our Tremella mushroom source from Gutein County, Fujian Province, China. Learn more about our organic mushroom farms

√. Organic Certified - Our Tremella mushroom extract is USDA & EU organic certified.

√. 100% Fruit Bodies - Unlike most mushroom products in the market that use mycelium, our Tremella extract comes from the fruiting bodies of Tremella to ensure a 100% real mushroom with no grains, no additives, and no fillers.

√. Super Fine Mushroom Powder - We specially grind the dried mushrooms into 120 mesh super fine powder. Taste is the same as eating mushrooms.


120 Mesh Mushroom Ground Powder

Mushroom Extract - Tremella Mushroom Extract Powder


√. Youth-preserving

√. Reduces inflammation

√. Nourish the lungs


Our mushroom powder is commonly used as nutraceuticals, dietary and nutritional supplements. They are also used as a component ingredient of nutritional supplements and vitamins. Mushroom powder are also used in many food products including but not limited to meal replacement and energy bars, snack bars, fruit, and vegetable-based drinks, milk and creamer-based beverages, sauces and seasonings, chocolates, teas, and coffee and coffee substitutes.


Since 2000, Qinshantang has focused on the development and manufacture of medicinal mushroom products and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the health and wellness industry. Our unique manufacturing technique and the supply chain of herbal cultivation have been perfected over 20 years which is your guarantee of a safe, certain, and highly effective product. We mostly care about the effectiveness and quality of our products. We believe that this is very important for your brand's initial word-of-mouth accumulation. This is the core competitiveness of our brand which is different from other suppliers. 

And if you are wondering how we are able to produce such high-quality products in China, please read more about the extensive quality control measures we take.

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