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QinShanTang is an organic mushroom extract ingredients supplier to work with health and wellness companies that use our extracts in their branded retail products. We can also provide ready-to-sell mushroom products by using your brand packaging.

Medicinal Mushrooms Market Insight

Medicinal mushrooms are native to Asia and cultivated on a large scale in this region. The medicinal mushrooms are known for their cure for seasonal allergies, common cold, inflammations, alleviating asthma and bronchitis and boost the functioning of the nervous system.

The medicinal mushroom market is in the high growth phase of the product lifecycle and expected to witness a remarkable upsurge over the forecast period.  The global medicinal mushroom market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. Other converging trends that are supporting the growth of the medicinal mushrooms market are the functional food trend, ancient-eating or authentic foods of ancestor’s, eastern herbal medicine and gut-healthy products. Medicinal mushrooms happen to meet at the nexus of all these trends. 

Mushrooms that support immune health have all benefited since the start of the pandemic, with extra media attention and consumer interest, and this extra interest has carried over to the entire mushroom category. As you would expect, this has resulted in a significant increase in demand for safe and natural immune-supportive health products, including supplements featuring mushrooms that support immune health such as chaga, reishi, shiitake, cordyceps, and turkey tail. And a specific area in the supplements category that is experiencing significant growth is mushroom and herb blends. These blends have helped push mushrooms into the spotlight and have also helped to gain consumer interest and attention.

Research has shown that millennials tend to prefer non-pill products in much higher percentages than older demographics. We expect to see mushrooms continue to show up in more novel delivery formats such as coffee, protein bars, gummies, chewables, effervescents, syrups, herbal shots, and even infused in lollipops.

The ability of mushrooms to be incorporated into novel and traditional delivery formats allows manufacturers to capture a wide range of consumers, all of whom are seeking ways to improve their health but have different preferences for how to work these products into their daily routine. Add the wide-ranging benefits mushrooms can provide to this, and the possibilities are almost endless.

Consumers love to have options, but quality is also paramount, quality means using the whole mushroom. So in QinShanTang products, we don't use the mycelium, as this part is not traditionally used in herbal medicine and has little science to back up its efficacy. Instead, we uses the whole mushroom, also known as the fruiting body and uses traditional forms of extraction technology, most often in water and alcohol. What's more, our mushroom extracts are tested for safety, including microbial, metals, pesticides, and fungicides. In addition to this safety testing, we also test DNA for identity and for key biomarkers and constituents, with guaranteed levels of beta-glucans. We also provide whole food mushroom powders with the full spectrum of bioactive compounds to support daily health, sports performance, recovery and cognition.

The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes to the potential of natural products to support one's health and improve quality of life. Mushrooms are becoming a big part of the trend of self-care, offering a recognizable source material in a wealth of delivery formats and impressive health benefits.