Reishi, sometimes called the Mushroom of immortality, is no exception. Its benefits may include boosting immunity, exerting anti-aging effects, supporting brain health, improving fitness, and protecting cardio-metabolic health.

Reishi Boosts Your Immune System

Research suggests that reishi may boost your immune system[1], protecting you against everyday threats at any age. A study involving young children found that a substance in reishi known as beta-glucans can increase immune cell counts over 12 weeks. The types of immune cell that reishi supports play critical roles in defending your body by building up "memory" of specific infections. This way, you can respond faster the next time you are exposed to the same illness, often without experiencing any symptoms.

There is some concern that boosting immunity could increase the risk or severity of allergies and autoimmune disease. However, reishi is demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties. This means reishi modulates the immune system [2] instead of stimulating all its actions.

Reishi May Have Anti-Aging Properties

Although research is still in its early stages, reishi could have a number of anti-aging effects. Much of the aging process is caused by changes to gene expression, where they shift from a regenerative, active state to a degenerative pattern. It sounds almost impossible to reverse, but some natural remedies may help. When the worm species C. elegans, which has an aging process genetically similar to humans, was given reishi extract, this clock was turned back [3]. Reishi restored the expression of 34 genes affected in aging, and significantly lengthened their lifespans.

Reishi May Benefit Brain Health

These anti-aging properties may extend to the prevention of issues such as Alzheimer's disease. In a study involving mice, which are even closer to humans in a genetic sense, reishi shifted gene expression [4] to a more regenerative, brain-boosting profile. Reishi was able to reduce accumulation of beta-amyloid, the toxic protein that builds up in Alzheimer's disease and damages the brain. It also improved memory and learning, while protecting against the loss of brain cells.

Unlike Alzheimer's disease, depression can affect people at any age. Fortunately, reishi may have anti-depressant benefits [5] through restoring serotonin production and the brain's natural ability to slowly regenerate. Both a lack of serotonin, a mood-lifting neurotransmitter, and a loss of the brain's regenerative properties contribute to depression. Reishi was able to work in the presence of stress hormones too, an essential point as depression often originates from chronic stress.

Reishi Can Improve Physical Fitness

Reishi may improve physical fitness even in cases of chronic illness, such as the difficult to treat condition fibromyalgia. A clinical trial comparing reishi to another antioxidant-rich natural therapy, Ceratonia siliqua, found that only reishi was effective [6] in this challenging situation. Women with fibromyalgia experienced significant improvements in strength, balance, agility, and speed. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of reishi were the most likely causes of these benefits. Fibromyalgia's disabling symptoms of pain and fatigue have a deep inflammatory origin, and reishi may inhibit enough inflammatory pathways to reduce disease severity.

Reishi Could Improve Cardiometabolic Health

Cardiovascular health, the world's biggest killer, and diabetes are so closely related in many cases that they are often study together. The inflammation and oxidative stress seen in diabetes contribute to the blood vessel damage in cardiovascular diseases, linking two of the most common health problems in the world.

One clinical trial [7] compared reishi to a placebo in 26 people with diabetes who were also at risk of cardiovascular issues. Here, total triglyceride levels fell and HDL ("good") cholesterol increased with reishi supplementation, but not with the placebo. Even better, insulin sensitivity was partially restored and excessive levels of the hormone fell.

Another study [8] tested the ability of reishi to improve antioxidant levels and reduce the counts of circulating blood vessel wall cells. When your blood vessels are damaged, these cells break off, so higher counts are a sign of worsened cardiovascular health. Reishi extract not only increased the volunteers' antioxidant status, but dramatically cut levels of circulating blood vessel cells. In people with stable angina, average counts fell from 7.91 to just 1.76, an over 75% reduction.

Both clinical and laboratory research suggests that reishi is a promising, effective remedy for a number of common health problems.

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Jinzhai Reishi farms are located at 32 degrees north latitude, which is a magical latitude. 90% of the ancient civilizations on earth, as well as the vast majority of magical natural phenomena (such as Bermuda Triangle), are completely concentrated in this area. Some things are hard to explain with science. The earliest record of Jinzhai Reishi in China can be traced back to 200-250 BC, which can be said to be the birthplace of Chinese Red Reishi.

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