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Our Story

Our Mission

For thousands of years dating back to ancient civilizations, humans have utilized the revitalizing properties of fungi to support mental and physical health. We're here to revive this ancient philosophy to bring these magic mushrooms to the world and help more and more people to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Company Story

Our company starts in 2002, a young man who aimed to promote Chinese Traditional Mushroom to the world opened his first store.  From 1 shop to 200 chain stores, our mission is letting us and our loved ones be happy and healthy because of Qin Shan Tang. 

We devoted ourselves to manufacture and supply the highest quality of product for our clients. We want you to be able to provide your customers with meaningful products that enhance lifestyles and that create economical value for your business.

We are your partner in the manufacture, production, and packaging of your product. This is a commitment we take seriously. We invite you to work with us and experience a higher level of quality supplement manufacturing.

QinShanTang's Facilities

Over 20 years of professional development, we have become a leading enterprise in Chinese herbal and mushroom extract. QinShanTang has more than 2000+ employees, 2 GMP factories, and over 200+ healthy food and supplements chain stores in China.

We constantly aim to provide the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. From concept to market-ready, it is our everyday goal to go above and beyond your expectations by consistently providing high-quality products and services you can trust and depend upon.

QinShanTang's Farms

Our mission as a leading health company in China is to bring happiness and health to everyone who meets QinShanTang. For the past decades, we've provided state-of-art and patented technologies, professional technical guidance, and well-equipped facilities to the ethical farmers who lived in the deep mountain.

Qinshantang deeply excavates the industrial characteristics of authentic medicinal herbs in the "Xishan medicine warehouse" in Dabie Mountain area. We cultivate Dendrobium and other precious traditional Chinese medicine in the forest and greenhouse, and develop the deep-processing industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine in the Dabie Mountains.


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