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Shell Broken Reishi Spore Powder

Shell Broken Reishi Spore Powder
Shell Broken Reishi Spore Powder

Produced by QIN SHAN TANG

Organic Certified Ingredient
100% Duanwood Reishi Spores
Lab Tested for Key Active Compounds
Lab Tested for Heavy Metals & Pesticides
No Added Fillers, Starch, Grains or Mycelium
Produced in a FDA-registered GMP facility
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The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is a fungus native to China with a long tradition of use as a home remedy across the continent. It is so revered in China that it has been nicknamed the mushroom of immortality!

These amber brown, slightly frilled mushrooms commonly grow on hardwood trees, releasing spores as they reach maturity. It is these spores that host the most potent health-giving benefits of the mushroom – and the most prized part.

Modern science and research have uncovered what was long known: that Reishi mushroom spore powder is packed with polysaccharides, triterpenes, and beta-glucans, 'cracked' with modern technology to allow your body to fully digest them and bypass the spore’s thick protective wall.


√. Certified Organic Cultivation From DaoDi Origin - Our Reishi mushroom is sourced from the most DaoDi region - Huoshan county in China. This magic region was recorded in one of the earliest TCM classics- the material by Shen Nong ben Cao Jing, the father of Chinese medicine.

√. C-FDA Certified - Immune enhancement efficacy certified by China FDA

√. Duanwood Reishi - Our Reishi mushroom is grown on Duanwood logs in our organic mushroom farms, where Reishi grows naturally similar to the growth medium in wild.

√. Shell-wall Broken - The spores are cracked using pressure and sound vibration to break the hard cell wall and make the bio-active treasures inside (Triterpenoids, Polysaccharides) available to us.


Since 2000, Qinshantang has focused on the development and manufacture of medicinal mushroom products and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the health and wellness industry. Our unique manufacturing technique and the supply chain of herbal cultivation have been perfected over 20 years which is your guarantee of a safe, certain, and highly effective product. We mostly care about the effectiveness and quality of our products. We believe that this is very important for your brand's initial word-of-mouth accumulation. This is the core competitiveness of our brand which is different from other suppliers. 

And if you are wondering how we are able to produce such high-quality products in China, please read more about the extensive quality control measures we take.

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