If you are planning to do mushroom supplement business, then you need to be aware of the deceptive secret that has been known for years by all mycologists and manufacturers like us who are actually offering real fully grown medicinal mushrooms. The secret is pretty simple: over 90% of the most popular and well-known supplement company that has the words mushrooms on their products don't actually have real mushrooms in their bottles or in their powders. You heard that correctly. There are no mushrooms in those products and this includes some of the most famous brands out there. Why? Because virtually all manufacturers who say they are growing and using reishi, lions mane and any of these other names are actually not making and using real mushrooms. They are making mycelium and they are selling mycelium.

The health benefit between mycelium and fully mature mushroom cap is night and day and it has been proven repeatedly in laboratory testing. So take a look at this image. The classic mushroom has 3 main parts, the mycelium, the cap, and the spore that contains inside that cap. The thin white strains that are normally found underground in the dirt are called mycelium which is kind of like the roots of any mushrooms.

This mycelium, as you can imagine, has hardly any of the active useful ingredients in them. And yes, the part of the mushroom just like the leaves are part of an apple tree or the roots and leaves are part of the squash. But we all know that the nutritional part of most plants is the fruiting body. The fruiting body of the mushroom is the cap, and that cap along with thousands of tiny spores inside the cap is where 90% of the beneficial compounds are found. And this fruiting body cap and spores that is referred to and used in all the thousands of scientific studies on medicinal mushroom. And yet, if you look at the top selling US-based companies, they are all mycelium. They are either 100% mycelium or they are like 90% mycelium, which just few actual mushroom caps added. So that they put the word 'fruiting body' on their supplement facts panel. This deception got so bad at the FDA updated, they are labeling requirements telling all mycelium companies that they are needed to clearly mark each ingredient as either fruiting body or mycelium. And some of the better companies did. But most other companies still haven’t done that and they do instead is that you are gonna see deceptive language, such as mushroom extract, which is the code word for mycelium or they say mushroom 10 time-concentrated.

And now why would any manufacturer do that. The answer is simple. Cost, growing time, and technological know-how. Mycelium is grown in tanks, in a sterilized liquid fermentation medium, that is based you see on grains of rice or oats or sorghum. It takes about 3-5 days from start to fully finished. These tanks can be set up anywhere. The middle of the New york city or a warehouse in Texas. Anywhere. Because it doesn't matter what the weather or humidity or temperature patterns are. Now compare that to actual real mushrooms which take 8 months to grow each harvest. That's over 30 times longer than mycelium. Real mushrooms also need real soil, real farms, and a lot more space and a very particular growing environment.

The other reason is technology and skill. Growing fully mature medicinal mushrooms takes extraordinary technology and skill and a very exacting science, which is why no North American manufacturer, can grow medicinal mushrooms to sell and why all those of world's growers of fully mature medicinal mushrooms are located throughout China. We’ve got generations of practice and technology ahead of them. Because our medicinal mushroom has been part of our culture and medicine for centuries.

So if you are interested in experiencing the extraordinary, powerful, healing benefits in medicinal mushrooms for your product line. Here are the tips we recommend. Find a manufacturer who would never sell you mycelium, who only uses 100% fully fruiting body mushrooms. Who is 100% USDA certified organic and doesn't use the lesser expensive certifications. Who will use biodynamic soil preparations because that produces the highest amount of beneficial compounds. Who is 100% vegan in their growing mediums. Who tests every batch with their certificate of analysis for heavy metals, pesticides and common toxics. And do check out our company - QinShanTang, because we do all those things.

Our mushroom cultivation bases are located deep in mountains. We cultivate our organic mushrooms on the ecologically controlled organic substrate: By simulating the growth needs of different mushrooms in the wild natural environment. 

By drinking crystal mountain spring water, receiving sufficient sunlight, and having the breath of fresh air, after several months of growth, mushrooms gradually mature from seedlings.

Since 2001, QinShanTang has focused on the development and manufacture of medicinal mushroom extracts and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the health and wellness industry. Our unique extraction technique and the supply chain of mushroom cultivation have been perfected over 20 years which is your guarantee of a safe, certain, and highly effective product. We only care about the effectiveness and quality of our products. We believe that this is very important for your brand's initial word-of-mouth accumulation. This is the core competitiveness of our brand which is different from other suppliers. Each of our pure mushroom supplements contains only 100 percent mushroom fruiting bodies and nothing else—no fillers, starch, grains, or mycelium—to offer you the strongest wellness support.